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Linda is an internationally experienced life coach, a master NLP practitioner, therapist , certified mindfulness practitioner, motivational speaker and hypnotherapist. She conducts events and workshops as well as one to one sessions drawing from a variety of methodologies. She has worked in the Middle East, in South Africa and in the UK, and has vast experience working with organisations of all sizes as well as with individuals from many walks of life,  assisting organisations and individuals to deal with challenges, facilitating attitudinal change, enabling positive growth, the realisation of potential and the reduction of anxiety. Linda draws upon her experience and resources to provide interactive programmes and interventions, facilitating  individuals and groups in breaking through perceptual barriers and move forward positively, more peacefully and successfully in their lives.

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How our service works

We customise a plan tailored to your individual need that is easy to maintain for you.  Building strong foundations is vital in order to succeed…

Solution Focused

Let us work with you to ensure  we can help you move to the next level,  bringing out the best in a renewed you, who views the world anew!


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What We Can Help With

Reduce Anxiety

and face life’s challenges with more awareness of resources
and strengths. Bring back the stress-free you that's been buried

Change Your Perception Positively

Effectively deal with the chaos controlling your thoughts

Improve motivation

and decrease negativity. Increase your output by reducing mental nagativity

Increase Energy

A happy mind makes for a healthy, energetic body

Improve Focus

Clear your thoughts and increase concentration

Become Calmer and more Confident

Less stress leads to a deeper, more refreshing sleep

Stress Reduction

Bespoke Life and Work
Improvement Programmes and Processes

There are many things in life that can cause stress, including work, relationships, family issues, financial problems, as well as how we view our situations. For some, stress causes them to adopt unhealthy coping methods - and while these may be a quick fix, they can harm your health and your life both personally and in the workplace, while the challenges aren’t being addressed. We aim to tailor a programme to best suit your needs.

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Personal Consultation:

A one-on-one consultation will allow us to help you identify the issues in your life that need to be dealt with. We understand there is no "one size fits all".

Tailored Unique Program

You can expect a completely bespoke programme designed around your needs, with a clear structure.

Begin Your Journey

Your journey towards becoming a renewed, refreshed, stress-free and successful you begins now so CONTACT US and begin to feel the benefits that will make a lasting
difference in your life.

Sucess Snippets

Hear from a few of our happy clients who've rediscovered themselves with our tailored stress reduction programs.

Aaron M.

“My work-life balance brought out the worst in me. The program lifted a weight off my shoulders I didn't even realise I was carrying".

Laura S.

“I can't thank you enough for guiding me through this and showing me a way to be myself again. Truly a life-changing experience"

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Frequently Asked Questions

No! Our consultation is completely free and you are under no obligation at all. We believe that once you see the benefits to our program you will want to work with us, but that is completely up to you to decide upon.

Each session is designed to reduce stress in your daily life from the outset – so you should see some benefits immediately. Health benefits will be felt gradually, but each person is different so it is hard to say exactly how long the process takes.

This is down to your personal preference – if you wish we can come to you but we do also have quiet spaces available across the country which you can benefit from. We are also prepared to carry out skype sessions.

Absolutely! If you have a  group of friends, a work team or in fact, any group who’d like to take part in a program together then we will tailor it to suit you all as a whole as well as individually.

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