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We may not be able to control stress, but we can manage it. Here are some stress-management tips that may help you feel better – and less stressed – every day: Accept that there are events that you cannot control. Keep a positive attitude; rather than defaulting to negatives (”Nothing […]
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People deal with stress in many different ways, whether it’s a personal journal, meditation, or simply leaning on a friend. Although it may not be your first instinct to hit the gym at a time of high anxiety, there are exercises that are great for combatting stress. Exercising is not […]
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Everyone needs to get away to get relief from stress at some point. However, actually getting away can be difficult. Sometimes a few hours is all a busy schedule can afford, so if your brain needs a break from all the commotion in your life, here are 10 places you […]
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Quite honestly, sometimes going out requires more energy, even when staying in means there will be cooking and cleaning involved. It's easier to relax and unwind in the comfort of my home. The first quarter of this year has been filled with...