An Example of One of Our Workshops:


A new and innovative approach to transforming and renewing thinking, minimising anxiety and becoming more successful in life and work. 

Methods include experiential and interactive processes.  Mindfulness CBT, NLP, guided visualisation as well as supporting activities are utilised to reinforce short transmissions of cognitive awareness.

The workshop looks at past perception, the present, and moving into a more effective future.


Areas covered:

  • How ‘now’ happened
  • Exploring inward
  • Focus and the future
  • Choosing and deciding
  • Moving into the future
  • Some skills and honing them
  • Challenge and commitment
  • The power inside
  • Making a commitment

Participants have always been seen to enjoy the experience and are moved comfortably and gently into areas of conscious and/or new awareness which can be used personally or in work with others.